What is a delegation?

A delegation is a conferral by the Council of its power and authority to perform functions on an officer or body of the University.

Delegations provide formal authority for officers, committees or other bodies to commit the University, incur liability for the University or otherwise use the powers provided to the University under the University of New England Act, 1993 (NSW).  Council retains and can exercise all delegated powers and authorities.

Delegations held by the least senior delegate are also held by that delegate's immediate supervisor or line manager and successively by each subsequent supervisor or line manager with the chain of delegation.  All delegations are subject to the delegate’s financial delegation.

Delegations are assigned to a position or a body rather than ‘belonging’ to a person. This means that delegations:

  • can be exercised by a person duly appointed as a temporary or acting occupant of a position or role; and
  • may be assigned to an authorised employee under supervision who exercises the delegation on behalf of that position.


Delegations are defined according to the UNE Delegations Framework Rule.

Financial delegations are outlined in the Financial Delegations Rule.

Delegations for use of University Seal and document signing are outlined in the University Seal and Signing Documents Rule.


What is does the Delegations Register do?

The purpose of the Register is to maintain and provide up to date and accurate information on positions and committees who hold a level of delegated authority over which a delegate may exercise authority. Delegations apply to positions or committees and not to individuals.

Currently the Delegations Register includes Schedules for matters pertaining to:

  • Legal 
  • Academic 
  • Governance 
  • Financial
  • Research

For people and culture matters please refer to the people and culture policies for specific delegations.


Delegations Register support: If you have any queries about the Delegations Register, or require any assistance, please contact the Records Policy and Governance Division via delegations@une.edu.au